Frequently asked questions

Below are some of our frequently asked questions, if you have a question that isn't listed below, please contact us.

  • What is in-company training?

    In-company training is a term used to describe flexible training solutions that are tailored to each particular client. This differs from 'off-the-shelf' training programmes which follow a set agenda and are run on a generic basis. Instead, in-company training allows a curriculum to be designed around a client's requirements ensuring that the training is as relevant and as cost-effective as possible. In-company training can be delivered a client's premises, off-site at a third party venue or digitally via an online portal.

  • How do I find out more information about arranging a training consultation?

    You can contact a member of the team by either calling 020 3122 0100, or emailing You can even arrange a call back or request a quote by filling in an online form and one of our experienced client relationship managers will be in touch.

  • How much are taster events and how can I pay for them?

    Taster events vary in price according to the event being run. Some taster events will be listed as free. When reserving your place on a taster event a member of the team will contact you to arrange payment. We can accept payment via all major credit cards or we can post an invoice out to you.

  • I have a taster event promotional code, what do I do?

    If you have a promotional code which can be redeemed against a taster event, please reserve your place on the relevant event as normal and enter your code in the field marked 'promotional code'. This code will then be cross-checked in our system and a member of the team will contact you to confirm successful redemption of the code.

  • Will I have to arrange a venue for the training I book through you?

    No, all of our training can be delivered at your premises, at one of our centres or at a third party venue. If you prefer, we can arrange all of the logistics associated with your training, including the venue (additional charges may apply).

  • How will my account be managed once I book a training course?

    All of our clients are assigned the services of a dedicated Client Relationship Manager. These experienced members of the team will look after all of the details of your account and will ensure that you have access to all of the resources and information that you require. A lead training consultant will also be assigned to your account, ensuring that your training programme meets your requirements.

  • How much does a typical in-company training course cost?

    As all of our training is tailored to your particular requirements, the costs associated with this will also be specific to your training needs. All of our costs are competitively priced and reflect the unique economic situations that currently affect many businesses. You can request a free quote by filling in our online form.

  • Is your training just classroom based or are there other options available?

    We operate a solutions-based approach to learning. Therefore, there are many options available to how your training can be delivered. Typically, we offer in-person, online, blended and simulation training methods as well as other delivery methods that will best suit your business requirements.

  • Which companies have you previously trained and what sectors do you specialise in?

    We've trained teams from a variety of companies from all business sectors. You can find out more information about particular companies and associated case studies by viewing our case studies page. We can deliver training to any business regardless of sector or size.

  • If the topic I require training in isn't listed on your website can you still provide a training course for me?

    Definitely. The training topics listed on our website are indicative examples of courses we can and have delivered in the past. Please contact us to discuss your specific training needs and we can arrange a tailored training solution in a finance, business or management topic of your choice.

  • How do I go about requesting that Kaplan Hawksmere tender for my training contract?

    If you have a training contract that you would us to tender for please contact us on 020 3122 0100 or email us on

  • Can I find Kaplan Hawksmere at any exhibitions or trade shows?

    We attend a variety of trade shows and exhibitions throughout the year. At these events you can talk directly with a member of the team or with one of our training consultants. Our website will give you details of forthcoming shows that we will be attending.

  • What is a webinar and how do they work?

    A webinar is an online live or downloadable seminar that can be accessed by anyone with a web connection. These online seminars take the format of an online slide deck, audio accompaniment and sometimes footage of the presenter. Once purchased, an email is sent to you containing a link and a password to access the presentation. The webinar will be accessible 15 minutes prior to its scheduled start time or for webinar recordings, within 24 hours of the live event. If you attend a live webinar, you have the chance to ask questions to the presenter via the online interface and following the event, a copy of the slide deck and all other resources related to the webinar will be emailed out to you.

  • Do you offer any public courses?

    Kaplan Hawksmere now concentrate on in-company/bespoke training solutions, which has resulted in a reduction of public short-courses. However, we continue to run a variety of taster events which anyone can attend. These taster courses range from 1-2 day short-courses to online live and recorded webinars.

  • What's included in your fees?

    In-company training
    The fees associated with your in-company training include all training materials and the day rate of the relevant training consultant(s). Extraneous costs such as venue hire, catering and travel expenses will be billable in addition to your standard training costs.

    Taster events – short courses
    For short-courses, our fees cover all written materials, lunch and refreshments. Residential events include all meals and accommodation (half day courses will have refreshment breaks only).

    For webinars, our fees cover the attendance of the webinar (or recording), all associated learning resources and a downloadable recording of the event (for live webinar attendees).

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