Managing contracts

Badly negotiated and drafted contracts can leave a business exposed to liability and loss. Conversely, a well negotiated and drafted contract will ensure that you minimise the level of risk you face and help you make the most of the agreement you have formed. A good working knowledge of contract law and the techniques for effectively negotiating and drafting contracts is essential to be able to maximise opportunity and minimise the risk.

We offer a series of courses to build your skills in this area, whether you are intending to contract with customers, suppliers or business partners. Courses offered focus on the laws that govern commercial contracts, the meaning and implications of the terminology used and how to effectively negotiate, draft and manage contracts. Recognising the global nature of many businesses, we also offer a course on International Commercial Agreements.

However, even before you reach the contract negotiation stage, work needs to be won. Therefore, we also provide training on how on to write and win proposals and tender in a competitive market. The courses in this subject area would be appropriate for anyone involved in contract negotiation and management, and sales and business development. No pre-existing knowledge or qualification is required or assumed.


The programmes covered in this topic area include:

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